Velvet Embossing

Velvet by the Yard

All colors may be purchased in increments of one yard, 1/2 yard, 1/4 yard, and Crafting Strips (6 x 45/48).
Our collection-sized pieces (4 1/2 x 6 inch) can also be purchased individually.
Larger pieces are also available--please call or e-mail your request.

One Yard: $28.00
Half Yard:  $16.00
Quarter Yard Traditional:  $8.00
Fat Quarters $8.00 on request
Crafting Strips:  $6.00
Our Pieces:  $2.00

Colors Shown in Thumbnails.  The rest of the colors will be on-line soon.

Velvet Embossing Instructions


Out of Stock colors are shown on-line so that you have an idea of all the colors available.

blue swatch.jpg (10640 bytes)
015 Royal Blue

red velvet.jpg (10315 bytes)
014 Red

green velvet.jpg (11451 bytes)
008 Green

  018 White

cranberry velvet.jpg (12127 bytes)
022 Cranberry

007 Gingerbread

017 Teal

010 Majestic

011 Navy


pewter velvet.jpg (9794 bytes)
012 Pewter
Out of Stock

brandy velvet.jpg (12521 bytes)
004 Brandy
Out of Stock

013 Purple
Out of Stock

001 Aubergine
One Strip Available