We actually started calling scrapbooking photocrafting many, many years ago.  The craft name should reflect what is the most important element.  The most important element to photocrafting is...your photo!  Every page of our site contains items for photocrafting.  Be sure to check out our campaign for Affordable Scrapbooking Papers.

Highlighted below are our Heartlooms Heartwarming in a Hurry Pages.  They are pre-made for your convenience.  All you have to do is place on your chosen pictures. 

These pages can be special ordered to include names, years, etc. (Excluded from the Southern Minnesota Christmas Festival Sale). 

Not all are shown in thumbnail form.  Please contact me for a Google Meet Session:

November 2020:  Southern Minnesota Christmas Festival Special: In a Hurry Pages are sale priced at $4.00.


baby boy cornflower blue.jpg (23087 bytes)

Several varities available

baby Boy nascar.jpg (33348 bytes)

Several varieites available

beary cute.jpg (34165 bytes)


DSC04058.JPG (134211 bytes)

Several varieties available

princess.jpg (18197 bytes)

Several varieities available

vroom vroom velvet car.jpg (32556 bytes)

water baby.jpg (23696 bytes)

Last one!

Last one!

This is not quite an "In a Hurry Page", but you definitely get the idea!


Last one!

Dated Pages:  There is an extra bargain for those of you who had an Graduate or a Christmas Love during the first decade of this century.  For the Graduate pages, be sure to tell me what the last digit is that you need...I may forget to ask!  Clearance price:  $2.00.


These pages can be ordered with more current dates.  They would be regular price: $7.95.